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Blackcat Elliot consistently puts on the best live shows and this weekend was no exception when we caught BCE along with an excellent set by Big Frank and The Bargain Bingers at a benefit show at P4th in Troy, NY.

- (A guide to local music in the Capital Region.)
See a video of Never Come Clean from this event.

Blackcat Elliot definitely put out a quality show at WCDB's recent anniversary event, engaging some SUNY students to the point that they sought me out for comment after the show. The general consensus was that it was nice to hear some quality garage-rock. Definitely check them out if that sounds like your thing. You can also hear Blackcat Elliot on my show on 90.9 FM / WCDB.
- DJ Skills, 90.9 WCDB / FM, Albany, NY

Blackcat Elliot performed at the 2005 Troy Riverfest and were selected in The Best Live Performance of 2005 category.
- (A music webzine out of Troy, NY.)



The nine song disc crackles and shines from the big buzzing bass riff of the opening track right through to the hooky pop-in-overdrive closer Close To Mine.
- Greg Haymes, The Times Union

The new album sounds a lot like what you'd expect from those crazy gigs in the city. That is, it's brash, driven by dirty muscular guitar riffs and sounding somehow both well-structured and loose, on the verge of imploding.
- Philip Schwartz, The Gazette

Threads was old fashioned, super charged rock. Never Come Clean is just like their first album... times 100.
- Ralph Renna, The Record

The new record is chock full of riffs and dirty garage rock indie style. I like the record, especially the title track, and there are some real nuggets. Send Her To Me being my favorite.
- Alex Hyatt, SPICE!

The nine-track disc is a no-filler torrent of alternative mastery. Cuts like Kiss And Kill sound a little like a marriage between The Misfits and The Cars. A bizarre union, no doubt, but it works. The stuttered, staccato riffs provide a rock-steady backdrop to songs like Nothing is Ever Right and Everything Goes. Simply put, it's basic rock that hasn't been messed with. Just the right amount of gain, just the right amount of thrashing percussion, and a few basic harmonies to prove they have musical chops.
- CD Skidmore, Post Star

Bonus: Articles on the "Never Come Clean" CD here


Capital Region Living Readers Voted BCE Best Local Band
Blackcat Elliot was voted The Best Local band in 2006 by the readers of the Capital Region Living magazine.
- Capital Region Magazine
(Readers Polls. The Best of Issues.)

Times Union's Second Best Band of 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003
Blackcat Elliot was voted Second Best Local Band for four years straight by the readers of the Times Union.
Read all the results: 2006 /
2005 / 2004 / 2003.
- The Times Union (Readers Polls. The Best of Issues.)

One of Albanys Best Kept Secrets
Blackcat Elliot was voted one of Albanys Best Kept Secret in Metrolands Readers Picks of The 2006 issue.
- Metroland The Alternative Rag of NY's Capital Region

Top 10 Bands In The Capital Region
We were fortunate to be part of The Times Unions Best of 2007 Issue as one of the Capital Regions top ten rock outfits. We were featured in the Times Union Preview magazine and shot a video of our song about a Capital District hot spot At The Jericho-Drive In. Watch it here

A Feature Story on Blackcat Elliot

A snapshot of Blackcat Elliot. Read the Metroland article here
- Bill Ketzer, Metroland Magazine

The Cat is On Television
Blackcat Elliot discusses the release of their debut album Threads Tearing From The Inside on the TV. View the clip here
/ Albany, NY

Rock N Roll Will Never Die
Blackcat Elliot’s nine-song blast, Threads Tearing from the Inside, revs up the rock with glitter-infused power chords ala the early NY Dolls. Just when you thought rock n roll was dead, an old friend like Blackcat Elliot shows up to remind you just how fun the endless party can be. Read about it here
- Thomas Dimopoulos
, The Saratogian Newspaper

Gotta Keep It Going
Blackcat Elliot plays straight up rock n roll and does it all from the little nock in the corner of the world called Albany, NY. They do it like The Ramones meeting up with The Meat Puppets for a backyard barbeque. Nasal vocals complement the raunchy yet catchy guitar hooks and the pounding of monotonous drums that is quickly accustomed into a signature style all their own. It might not turn heads of music snobs and aficionados but did anyone really think that The Ramones were musical geniuses either? Sometimes groundbreaking music takes a while to set in this might be a slight overstep but we will wait and see. Read
the review here
- J Sin for


Quote Heard From the Bar
These guys are thugs. They play garage rock with sweat and fury. Man, these guys look like they're in the mob. Someone was rubbing my ass the entire set.
- Jim Barret
from 104.9 FM / The Kaleidescope Radio Show

Best Song of 2004
BCE's song So Nobody Knows from the album Threads Tearing From The Inside, made the top songs of 2004 on the radio.
- WHRL 103.1 FM / Albany, NY

Grand Opening of the Guitar Center
Blackcat Elliot was invited to perform at the Grand Opening of The Guitar Center in Albany, NY. The Grand Opening was an outstanding event. Sponsored by PYX 106.5 and The Hawaiian Tropic Girls. 2,200 people were present to witness Albany's Favorite Garage Rockers.

Artist of the Month for May 2003

Blackcat Elliot was chosen as artist of the month.
- WCDB 90.9 FM and / Albany, NY

Playing The Only Kind of Rock

Blackcat Elliot plays the rock. What kind of rock? The only kind. The guitar rock. And yes, that would be pronounced git-tar. The Blackcat gang is actually a phoenix-like little trio that has risen up from the ashes of a number of local bands. Guitarist Kostas Gus Hais, for example, played with bassist Jamie St. Denis in both Smallest Cow in the World and North Again. He also played with drummer Mark Klein in Dionysus. But St, Denis didn't play with Klein in anything. But he does now. And they play the rock.
- Mike Eck,

Three For The Price of One

Secretguy, Blackcat Elliot and Bryan Thomas LIVE
at The Lark Tavern.

One of the oldest nightclubs in Albany, the Lark Tavern offers killer pub fare, colorful regulars and a remorseless knack for promoting some of the most esoteric live music bills around in recent years. This particular Saturday evening, we were treated to the wares of three very different styles of musica obscura and not-so-obscura. And bonus, each purveyor had new stuff on the table for our perusal, which can only bode well for the old tarmac of my brain.

Blackcat Elliot announced their opener as a sound check and proceeded to blast through a truncated set of 4/4 dandies and slow dancers. From the solemn poetry of So Nobody Knows to the true lilt of When My Party Ends, it was clear that frontman Kostas Hais spent much of his teen years in the bedroom, heeding the songwriting ethics of the Beatles, Badfinger and Cheap Trick. Never to be one-upped on cover choices, they also took time to memorialize the Ramones with I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, and revisit the final days of locally acclaimed wheelie kings North Again with Don't Break the News. Theirs is not a joyless lot, yet a certain sadness pervades the basic themes of BCE's melodies, something less obvious than a botched love affair, more proximal than the low buzz of guilt. Humble to the point of bewilderment, Hais and company quietly left the stage with a thank you and not so much as a sliver of feedback. If you like it honest, you'll like these guys.
- Bill Ketzer, Metroland Magazine

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